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bt-7274 is a highly advanced vanguard-class titan with a voice of his own. Bt-7274 observes three protocols: link to pilot, uphold the mission, and protect the pilot. When his original pilot is killed in action, bt-7274 is left with no other option but to link with rifleman jack cooper in order to uphold the mission and survive. Articulated bt-7274 stands 10 inches tall and features spectacular likeness of bt-7274 captured directly from titanfall 2. Figure comes equipped with x016-a2 titan weapon. 3′ pilot jack cooper figure attached to top of bt-7274 titan, recreating authentic in-game action. articulated bt-7274 titan includes 3-inch jack cooper figure 3-inch jack cooper figure attaches to the top of the bt-7274 titan, recreating authentic in-game action bt-7274 titan includes x016-a2 titan weapon spectacular likeness of bt-7274 titan captured directly from the in-game 3d models.